The Point of POV

Echo-Sense Team | 09 December 2016

We’ve all seen the snippets on YouTube or the evening news: body cam footage of an incident that sheds all too little light on what occurred.

The camera was partially blocked by the officer’s hands or equipment she held at the ready. The view was occluded by cover he was using for protection. The camera stared right at the steering wheel while she drove or sat in the patrol car. The officer perceived a threat “off screen” to his left or right while the body cam pointed the direction of his torso rather than his eyes.

Many models of Body Worn Camera are a brick-like device one wears on the chest. It’s unclear why this design became the de facto approach. A sparing few use a two-piece approach to allow for a much smaller camera attached to a battery or storage unit; even fewer allow that smaller camera to be placed in a way that can capture the officer’s true point of view.

We think it’s essential that a body cam mount in a wide variety of ways, on a wide range of gear, to allow the device (and future viewers) to see what the officer perceived.

The Echo-Sense omni-mount design permits attachment on glasses (sun, safety, or prescription), hat, helmet, shoulder epaulette, shirt collar, vest molle strap…. The goal is to ensure the device can be worn near or on the head, to rotate with the officer’s view, if the officer or agency desires. Of course, it can also be worn on the torso in the typical fashion if gear set-up or habit requires it.

Our design approach has yielded quite a small, barrel-shaped camera, about the size of a AA battery only a bit longer. We aimed to be both flexible in location and unobtrusive to situational awareness.

The camera connects via a secure but very flexible cable to our PowerPack, which is also small and intended to be tucked into a vest pouch or pocket. The PowerPack provides full-shift battery power – even if your shift is 12 rather than 8 hours – as well as the wireless connectivity to the cloud for advanced services.

However an officer chooses to wear Echo-Sense, our goal is to ensure full and fair understanding of everything he perceived that may shape his actions.

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