Our Mission

Echo-Sense Team| 23 October 2016

Across the spectrum -- by party lines, by race, on both sides of the rights and enforcement equation -- support for use of body cams is high.

A Cato/YouGov poll shows 92% support police wearing body cams and 55% are even willing to pay more in taxes to equip law enforcement. A Rasmussen Reports survey finds 70% think police should be required to wear cameras on duty, up from 52% three years ago.

The Rialto study by the University of Cambridge is often cited for showing that body-worn cameras produce a public good for all sides: public complaints about law enforcement dropped almost 90%, police use of force dropped nearly 60%.

Even better than capturing events for accountability is to prevent incidents from happening in the first place. The Cato/YouGov survey reports that 81% believe cameras protect both the police that wear them and the public.

But, there are plenty of body worn cameras already, from many companies. Why another? Why us?

In short, we believe there is much more that can be done to improve officer safety and efficiency as well as public peace of mind. Echo-Sense is applying the same approach of connecting devices to powerful cloud services that has made many other previously mundane products smarter and more capable. Combining the technology of Silicon Valley with real-world field experience, we believe we can not only deliver what body cams already do more effectively, but we can enable abilities today’s BWC’s cannot.

We’ll share those advances with you here as we reveal them. If you’d like to learn more or follow our journey, you can subscribe below and we’ll keep you updated.

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