Not Just a Body Cam, A Real-Time Intelligence System

Echo-Sense Team | 11 November 2016

Today’s Body Worn Cameras are local storage devices. They typically keep whatever they record on memory inside the device itself until the officer docks or syncs the device back at her precinct.

That means it can be hours or longer before that data is available or useful. It also means the data is subject to loss during a foot chase, damage in a physical altercation, or error from technical or human factors.

Today’s body cams are also not always on. Officers usually manually turn them on under certain circumstances, provided they remember or conditions of an abrupt incident allow for it or – in the cases of recent ambushes or accidents – the officer is even aware an event is about to take place.

Echo-Sense, on the other hand, enables a real-time connection between the camera and cloud. Images are stored and viewable in the cloud as events occur. Not only does this increase the integrity (perceived or real) of the evidence, but it makes that data useful immediately.

A real-time connection means dispatch or command can have a tactical dashboard for simultaneous awareness of events, can use that knowledge to better coordinate response, can fully understand officer location or safety, and can share intelligence with others in the field to improve enforcement outcomes.

We envision that real-time connectivity will yield an intelligence system for which collecting video evidence and ensuring accountability is only one benefit of BWCs vs. it’s salient purpose. 

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