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Echo-Sense aims to transform what law enforcement and the public can expect from Body Worn Cameras.

By approaching the idea as a “connected” system, we can do much more than body cams do today to improve officer safety, agency efficiency and public peace of mind.

The company's wearable intelligence platform features both a mountable camera and video glasses designs that are connected in real-time to powerful cloud services. Events can be transmitted and securely stored as they happen. Command has access to a real-time dashboard of field intelligence. Private security providers can report contacts, patrol patterns and more to verify client service.

For more about our sense of mission, we have this brief read.

Founded in 2009, Echo-Sense has been developing key technologies from its “Network Glasses” to ultrasound echolocation. The company has developed key intellectual property to advance connectivity and real-time networking via mobile networks and WiFi access points, with patents and know how combining expertise in DSPs, custom ASICs, RF, acoustics, firmware, and software.

Today, the team is focused on revolutionizing law enforcement and private security applications, but the resulting platform has application in other sectors of public safety as well as commercial verticals such as logistics, insurance and healthcare.



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