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Echo-Sense Network™ Glasses

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Command and Control in Law Enforcement, Direct Interface with First Responders.

Echo-Sense Network™ Glasses

Echo-Sense Network™ Glasses enable central office for command and control of individuals.

The Echo-Sense Network™ Glasses enable the wearer to connect via the cellular network or through WiFi Access Points to a dedicated website which displays the wearer's GPS location and orientation on a map, and provides real-time streaming video of what the wearer is seeing so persons monitoring the website can see events as they unfold, instruct the wearer to perform certain tasks, and to help ensure their safety and provide information on how to best complete tasks at hand.

Examples of where the product is being used include Law Enforcement personnel, as it provides GPS location & orientation plus live video to a central office for command and control of individual or multiple officers. The streaming video is automatically saved and archived on a server, which can then be used for reviewing and distributing as un-tampered evidence. EMT's can stream video of emergency situations to hospitals or doctors so they can get guidance on how best to care for their patients. Firemen can be connected, providing better management and improved safety.

Commercial business applications include: training new employees for field service, sales calls, monitoring location and activities of delivery workers, monitoring and helping solve problems for workers away from an office, and recording events like trade shows and public speaking conferences. Military personnel can use the glasses for training, monitoring, planning and record keeping.
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Why Use Echo-Sense Network™ Glasses

  • Real Time Video & Private Communication Link
  • Extended Battery Life Permitting 8+ Hours of Operation
  • Support For Both WiFi & Cellular Video
  • Voice Command Instruction Format
  • Free Ongoing Upgrades
  • Embedded Diagnostic Routines to Help With Problem Resolution Quickly

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  • "The best investment I have made."

    Echo Sense Michael Arbitman, PhD - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • "No longer lost and shopping with confidence. My life is full and satisfying, I can do anything now!"

    Echo Sense Network Glasses Larry Hanson - Dallas, Texas

  • "The Echo-Sense Network Glasses are just what is needed for protection of law enforcement and public."

    Echo-Sense Network Retired Policeman - Miami, Florida

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Keep our law enforcement safe and protected with the Echo-Sense Network™ Glasses System.
Assist the blind and elderly with the live streaming capabilities.

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Echo Sense Network Glasses

Echo-Sense was founded in 2009 with the aim to improve mobility and quality of life for Blind & Visually Impaired Individuals. In the process of providing practical solutions , Echo-Sense Engineering has developed two proprietary technologies. These technologies are electronic eyeglass platform called “Network(TM) Glasses” and Ultrasound Echolocation radar for Blind and Fire Fighting applications. Both of these technologies have patents pending. Echo-Sense has developed critical IP that will revolutionize the way connectivity and real time networking can be delivered over mobile cellular networks and WiFi Access Points to provide real-time video and audio link to anyone, anyplace, at anytime. Echo-Sense IP is summarized in four (4) US patent applications and two (2) International PCT's. Echo-Sense developments are direct reflection of working through a series of international experts in DSP's/Custom ASIC's, RF, Acoustics, Firmware/Software and Electronic Architecture. Close working relationships with World-Wide leading experts at leading Universities around the Globe.

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